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Archer NCCAR Facility

Garysburg, North Carolina, USA

(I-95 at the VA - NC State Line)

Located on Interstate I-95 the NCCAR facility is an expertly-designed, private, highly-secure, well-equipped and strategically capable driving and ground vehicle research & test facility that may be utilized on a daily, weekly or longer-term basis for extensive automotive research as well as tactical and security vehicle driver training for high threat environments.


The Facility, once our acquisition is complete,  will also include a bermed 6 cell tactical training and shooting facility located in the northern section of the Ride and handling course.   Upon completion of the research and testing facilities we wil have at a minimum the capability to provide:


  • A High Tech Engineering and Research Campus;

  • Client garages with virtual office connectivity;

  • Trackside Research and Testing Garages ;

  • Advanced chassis dynamics laboratory (CD Lab);

  • Wind Tunnel Testing and Laboratory Facilities;

  • and a 3 track railhead and ramps for client's incoming test vehicles and equipent allowing nationwide access for heavy and secure testing and research loads.

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