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Patrick Lynch | Deputy Director: Training

Patrick Lynch served over 20 years in the U.S. military in Army Special Forces (Green Beret) as a Weapons Sergeant as well as in the Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper.


He served three combat tours in Afghanistan and one combat tour in Iraq with team assignments to include Senior Weapons Sergeant, Assault Element Team Leader, and special adviser to the Iraqi Army.  He has also deployed to numerous countries worldwide to conduct training with partner-force special operations forces such as Kenya, Jordan, Oman, and Kuwait.


In the private sector Patrick worked as the Training Manager for a high-threat program focused on Protective Security Detail (PSD) operations overseas as well as deploying on the program as a protective agent. He has received certified training from the U.S. military and other U.S. government agencies in Close Quarter Battle (CQB), advanced combat pistol/rifle marksmanship, surveillance & reconnaissance, vehicle mobility operations, Advanced Special Operations, and combat trauma.

  • Former Marine Sniper

  • Army Green Beret

    • 3rd Group (3rd SFG(A))

    • 19th Group SF

  • Special Reaction Team: AMTRAK

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