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David Tollaksen |  Principal Founder - CEO

Interim Director: Phantom WorX Div.

David's experience is in serving government, and private clients on large scale projects worldwide.  His broad experience ranges from working with the Pentagon on special projects and think-tanks such as the Army Strategic Mobility Program, Rapid Deployment Capabilities & Power Projection, Seaport analysis & GIS for Ports for National Defense, MRS BURU, Crisis Response Force Development & Stryker, the re-build side of BRAC and the Army Containerization Assessment Team (ACAT).


Separately, his experience also includes engineering design & reconstruction projects such as the Pentagon building, for 8 years as part of the PENREN team, US rocket motor production facilities, commercial space launch facilities and heavy runways.  His experience includes classified facility analysis, assessments & design for nuclear accelerator (atom smasher) and nuclear reactor facilities.  Mr. Tollaksen's private development projects as principal include international pro sports & racing complexes, entertainment districts and themed environments, to multi-billion dollar mixed-use mega developments in South East Asia and the Middle East.


Mr. Tollaksen served on numerous Washington DC transportation technical committees focused on the National High Speed Rail initiative and the Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) Taskforce.  He is currently serving on the American Public Transportation (APTA) Research & Technology Committee.  Service also includes member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the ITE Transportation Safety & Transit Councils.




  • Senior management & executive management roles for medium to large global private and public Fortune 500 service industry firms.

  • Heavy Civil & Planning: Airports; Space; Seaports; Highway; Rail; Inter-modal / Multi-modal Facilities; Utility & Energy Infrastructure.




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