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The Team: What We Do


Archer Tactical Group (Archer Tactical) is an integrated worldwide security solutions company providing special operations and national security missions, private security, tactical / high threat training, facility & asset assessment services, logistics & support, and an advanced R&D platform.


Archer Tactical Group is a Virginia Corporation with offices and/or research facilities in the following locations:

  • Norfolk, Virginia

  • Orlando, Florida (R&D/Production)

  • North Carolina (R&D/Flight Operations)

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Houston, Texas


Our teams mitigate risk and develop tailored comprehensive security programs for government agencies, private corporations and non-government organizations worldwide.  Through Archer Tactical’s extensive experience and commitment, we help our clients create and sustain secure business environments by forming an umbrella of solutions that include assessments, tactical and classroom training, crisis management, protective, and support services.







Principal Team & Contacts:


David Tollaksen   Principal Founder & CEO
       Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
       +1 757.333.2830 (unsecure)     

       Interim Director: Phantom WorX Division

Craig Berge   Partner & CEO
      Archer Energy, LLC
Office: Calgary, Alberta Canada


Kory Knowles   Options Facilitator & Training
      Director: Special Operations | Americas & Pacific
      Office: Tampa, Florida USA  

Rich Nameth   Space Flight & Operations
      VP | Space Operations & Facilities Manager
      Office: Louisville Center (Boxcar), Kentucky USA    

Joseph Rumell   Space Flight & Operations
      VP | Special Operations | Stargate Team Manager
      Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA   

Scott Johnson   Space Flight & Operations
      Manager | Space and Launch Security
      Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Alfonso Trujano, Jr  Political Affairs & Programs
      Political Affairs & Programs Director
      Latin America 

      Office: Houston, Texas USA

Dr. Mohammed M Ammar   Chief Scientist
      Archer Tactical | Phantom WorX Division
      Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Craig Finger   Options Facilitator
      Latin America Operations
      Training and Security
      Office: Houston, Texas USA

Chance Patterson, ESQ   CEO
      General Aviation, Logistics, FBO & Private Aviation

      Office: New York, New York USA     

Jimmy Willis   Director, Board Member
      Archer Energy, LLC
      Energy | Refineries | Oil | Commodities

      Office: Dallas, Texas USA          

Open Position | Recruitment    CEO

      Complex Engineering & Construction
      Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA 
Office: Doha, Qatar

Rob Beckham   CEO
      Sports, Entertainment, Media & Music Talent Mgmt
      Office: Nashville, Tennessee USA       

Sandy Ward   Vice President
      Director HR Analytics & Life Coach

      Office: Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
      Office: Nashville, Tennessee USA   

Ahmed Akra    Business Development Consultant
      North Africa & Middle East 
Operating Region: Libya       

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