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  • Fmr US Marine Corps

  • Fmr OCS Instructor; Quantico

  • Senior Drill Instructor; Paris Island 

  • Fmr PsyOps Team Leader

  • CounterInsurgency Ops

  • Maritime Security Specialist (MSS)

  • Vessel Security Officer (VSO)

  • Merchant Mariner Cert w/ TWIC

  • Linguist; Texas DPS SOS

Craig Finger | Options Facilitator

                                      Latin America Ops

Craig Finger served over 20 years in the United States Marine Corps.


Mr. Finger served as a Marine Security Detachment onboard the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) as a Quick Reaction Team Leader performing Vessel Boarding & Seizures (VBSS) for ships, oil platforms, port seizures and vessel protection (Bridge Team).  Through his military career, he served as Assault Element Team Leader, Rifle Squad Team Leader & Rifle Team Leader for 3rd Bn/4th Marines, Platoon Leader for 3rd Bn/1st Marines and Company Gunnery Sergeant 1st Bn/8th Marines. He also performed duties as Antiterrorism Force Protection Officer at Marine Forces Command, Norfolk, Virginia.


On the academic side, he served as Senior Instructor and Regimental Operations Chief (The Basic School; TBS Quantico), Senior Drill Instructor (South Carolina; Parris island ) and as an Officer Candidate Instructor (Officer Candidate School - OCS; Quantico, Virginia). 


As subject matter expert in military tactical training and advise & assist operations, Mr. Finger was involved with Area Stabilization Operations to include populace security and counterinsurgency.  He worked with and trained the Iraqi police, as well as Special Advisor to the Iraqi Army during 3 combat tours in Iraq.  Mr. Finger served an additional combat tour in Afghanistan as a Psychological Warfare Operations (PsyOps) Team Leader for the US Army Stryker Brigade.


He has also served as Military Advisor in Central and South America (fluent reading and writing Spanish and English) and is identified as an expert in Latin American affairs and socio-political environment(s) and culture.  Additionally, he has deployed to numerous other countries worldwide to conduct training with partner-force special operations forces such as Kenya, Jordan, Oman, and Kuwait.


In the private sector Craig worked as the Training Manager for a high-threat program focused on Protective Security Detail (PSD) operations overseas as well as deploying Stateside in the program as a protective agent. He has received certified training from the U.S. military and other U.S. government agencies in Close Quarter Battle (CQB), advanced combat pistol/rifle marksmanship, surveillance & reconnaissance, vehicle mobility operations, Advanced Special Operations, and combat trauma.

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