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Dr. Mohammed Ammar | Chief of Science Operations

  • PhD Oxford

  • PhD Cambridge

  • University level instructor

  • Theoretical Physics

  • Quantum Physics

  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Theory

  • Deep Space Communications

  • Multidimensional defensive

  • Multidimensional offensive

Dr. Ammar has undergraduate degrees in both chemistry and physics from the American University.  He went on to obtain multiple PhD degrees from some of the most prestigious Institutions in the world, including The University of Cambridge (PhD Theoretical Physics) and The University of Oxford (Quantum Physics).  He has additionally performed Special Research in fusion at Cologne Institute of Technology in Germany;  Special Research at the Institute of Strategic Sciences and Technology; and, Special Research and PhD in quantum physics, theoretical physics and fusion at the WTC Institute of Technology.  At The Solar Sonic Institute of Technology, Dr. Ammar was involved in quantum mechanical research and obtained Laboratory Certifications.


Dr. Ammar continues to operate on the leading edge of science and technology; operating at the "tip of the spear" / "At The Edge" as we refer to it in SOF operations.  He has managed teams and performed in complex tasks involving classified projects with US government including NASA and other top industry leaders. His subject matter expert areas can be further defined or compartmentalized in three primary groupings:


  • Advanced Physics, total invisibilities/Future soldiers/aircraft;

  • Starwars Multidimensional Frequencies Technologies;

  • Multidimensional Planetary defense technologies;

  • Aerospace, Defense, Forensics and surveillance;

  • Deep Space Communications Technologies;

  • Natural Disaster Derailment Technologies.



A deep dive into Dr. Ammar's broad spectrum of research and applications:


quantum mechanics, quantum physics, geophysics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, energetics, energy conversion, Aerospace and Defense, SETI Communications, Biology, Chemistry, (Environmental, Nuclear and Laser Technologies), Energetics, Robotics, Radionics, Electronics, Cymatics, Satellites, Infusions, Fusions, Electromagnetics, Geomagnetic, High Tech Water Technology (Oxygen/Hydrogen Reformation), Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Holographic, Quantum Infrastructures & Evolutionary Strategic Sciences, Potential Global Effects of Foreign Entities, Defense Strategy and Communications, Potential Global Impacts of Multidimensional Electromagnetism Applications and its Effects on the world environment, Quantum Mechanics and Evolutionary Strategic Sciences, Quantum Physics and Evolutionary Strategic Sciences, Matter and Antimatter in Quantum Infrastructures and Evolutionary Sciences.


Dr. Ammar’s work is highly advanced research and development with additional advanced market ready applications in defense and classified projects. related to biotechnology, advanced telecommunications and enhancement, counter-weapon &  guidance disruption, weapons detection and remote destruction), surveillance, aerospace, security and crowd suppression, solar reactor and energy production, minerals exploration, global tectonic threat detection and threat mitigation, and atmospheric temperature manipulation.

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