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"Freedom is not free..."    Col. Walter Hitchcock

Global Security & ISR

Nation Stabilization and National Security Level

The focus of Archer Tactical Group is the stabilization of countries through several key methodical layering practices with a think-tank and implementation approach.  We set up and manage the programs to implement all layers of National Security in areas where high-threat environments exist.  Our layering approach in order of operation:


  1. Continuity of government; ensuring the government is protected including key leadership and facilities;

  2.  The protection of the sovereign countries borders.  This includes solutions for hybrid open-closed border structures, high-tech electronic monitoring systems, the training of security and border personnel, and the design & construction of the necessary transportation infrastructure related to cross border traffic, security facilities, operational basing facilities and ISR (C5ISR) facilities.

  3.  The protection and security of the revenue stream (economics) of the country, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as critical revenue infrastructure and functions (Oil & Gas), manufacturing, farming etc... what keeps the national engine running;

  4.  Tier 1 infrastructure: power, water, sewer, roads, rail, ports, fuel/energy and airports for the movement of civilian, military and commerce;

  5.  Tier 2 infrastructure: hospitals, schools, grocery/food distribution... down to Regional/State and Municipal level security, peacekeeping and Advise & Assist.



Archer Tactical Group delivers Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) solutions, complex environment unmanned platforms & programs, training and other services in conjunction with fixed-site and mobile security services (MTT) to protect personnel, infrastructure, and other critical assets in high-threat environments around the globe.

Executive and Commercial/Private Level

We protect:

  • Corporate owners, executives, management and staff;

  • Personal Security Details (PSD) for VIPs and Government Heads of State;

  • Corporate Facilities, Government Facilities;

  • Transportation and Energy Infrastructure security;

  • Special shipments or deliveries;

  • Families or individuals in a local environment, in-country or international travel;

  • Special Operations and National Security missions;

  • Hostage Rescue Scenarios;

  • Advise and Assist;

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis services with some the latest unmanned platforms and tools.

Event and Facility Level

Our teams also provide medium to non-high threat security and technical expertise to environments such as

  • Arenas & Stadiums;

  • Large gathering sports venues & complexes;

  • Large political / non-political events or gatherings;

  • Executive / VIP security for performers, musicians, athletes, & corporate staff;

  • Global Airport Security and the replacement of TSA airport operations



Archer's boot-on-the-ground teams blend with the event - we call this pier level security.  A rock concert, media event, political fundraiser or any other VIP event, our members are specially chosen to blend with the age group and attire.

Specialized and Tailored Operations Level

Our teams also provide specialized critical mission operations (Special Operations), deploying globally as needed in a lead capacity or as support;  your off-balance sheet hammer.


We provide professionally trained and equipped pro-active security forces capable of detecting, deterring, and responding to a wide range of security challenges in accordance with local and international laws.  Archer’s protective services specialist and special operators are seasoned professionals who have decades of experience serving in the military’s special operations and counter-terrorism units.


We vest in our employees’ training and require strict compliance with safety protocols as well as cultural sensitivity.

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