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Military Tactical & Law Enforcement Training

Archer Tactical Group is an integrated worldwide security solutions company providing Private & VIP Security, Tactical / High Threat Training, Facility & Asset Assessment Services, Logistics & Support, and an advanced R&D platform/group.


Our teams mitigate risk and develop tailored comprehensive security programs for government agencies, private corporations and non-government organizations worldwide. Through Archer Tactical's extensive experience and commitment, we help our clients create and sustain secure business environments by forming an umbrella of solutions that include assessments, tactical and classroom training, simulator based training, crisis management, protective, and support services.


Training can be conducted at one of our two proposed state-of-the-art training facilities, our existing partner facilities, or as a Mobile Training Team (MTT) worldwide and in theater.  We employ some of the top industry leaders with subject matter and tactical experience in areas of:


  • protective services;

  • defensive tactics/Combatives Training;

  • Advanced Tactical Weapons Training;

  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection.


 Archer Tactical's instructors and instructor trainers are former Special Operations Operators and/or recognized experts from federal or local law enforcement agencies, specializing in delivering customized courses and training that meet or exceed each unique training requirement.



We cover the following training platforms:

  • Synthetic simulator training;

    • the latest technologies including Tactical HoloWare developed in-house and in partnership with Microsoft (Archer is a Microsoft Developer);

    • Un-tethered, shoot and move, high computing, highly mobile, tactical synthetic environments and Avatar systems;

  • Live fire range training for static and full movement:






Our training, both Synthetic and Live fire range time include curriculums tailored to the following:


  • pre-deployment readiness and mobilization training;

  • Firearms Training (short and long gun);

  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

  • Counter-Terrorism Training;

  • Force Protection Training;

  • Canine Trainer and Handler (American K9 Division) AK9;

  • Basic and Advanced Driver Training;

  • Off-Road Driver Training;

  • Basic and Advanced Executive Protection;

  • High-Threat Protection;

  • Special Weapons and Tactics Training for Military & Law Enforcement;

  • Special Operations Training for Military and Support Units;


  • SERE Training for complex environments;

  • Future Warrior - ExoSkeletal and Electronic enhancement usage and training;

  • LIDAR, Multi-Spectral, Thermal, Ground Radar and Advanced AI Embedded Facial Recognition usage and deployment training.

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