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 Archer Tactical Group provides critical infrastructure risk assessments, inspections and security assessments to public and private enterprises worldwide.  Our tools include 3D & 4D Geospatial Intelligence from unmanned ground and aerial systems, engineers and inspectors on the ground and creating a true picture through mapping and other tools to observe, monitor and provide current intelligence on a specific mission set. 


Assessments include buildings and regional city centers, sports facilities and/or major sports games and event assessments, industrial & energy complexes, a SOF theater of operation, transportation & infrastructure systems, energy, ports and air facilities.  We help stakeholders assess and provide real-time layered solutions for critical systems.

  • cost effective comprehensive studies & analysis of existing conditions for critical infrastructure and facilities;

  • engineering inspections;

  • analysis of existing and emerging risks;

  • threat protection;

  • layered remediation alternatives;

  • programs to suit the client’s specific needs;

  • design review and design updates for programmed facilities (pre-construction and adaptive to existing facilities).


Vulnerabilities assessments, training and protection measures such as:


  • Red Cell assessment;

  • Mass casualty event scenarios including active shooter, biological and chemical plans, training & assessment;

  • Event Security (High Threat to Low Threat teams);

  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection.


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