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"Innovation has no limits; What if... "

Synergy Teams


AM General

Laser Shot

Oshkosh Defense



Textron Systems

Epic Manufacturing

Old Dominion Univ

Digital Barriers

Duke University



Naval Research Labs

Lockheed Martin

NC State Univ

Load King Mfg


Office of Naval Research  (ONR) S&T


The Phantom WorX is our in-house Advanced Projects team.  This corporate unit works with some of the top US universities and companies in advanced materials, platforms and product research, deployment and operation.


Our team currently holds and is certified by the ATF for weapons manufacturing with a current ATF FFL.  This FFL is a Class 3 manufacturers license which covers a full range or spectrum of weapons R&D, testing, and manufacturing.


Our special projects units:

Physics & Quantum Theories Labs

  • SASER (Acoustic Lasers)

  • T-Rays (Terahertz Radiation)

  • Acoustic Metamaterials

  • Negative Index Materials

  • Acoustic Propulsion & Shielding

  • Advanced Energy Systems (Orbital & Ground Based)

  • Linear Motor and Micro-LIM Research & Testing;

  • Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV)  & gravity systems;

  • MxV2 (Kinetic) Systems;

  • Foreign Technologies Team


Advanced Platforms Lab

  • Robotics research, design, testing & combat operation (human - avatar controlled)

  • Tactical Deployment Platforms for Combat Robotics;

  • Soldier based exoskeletal tactical systems;

  • Ground vehicle platforms, research, testing & operation;

  • Forward operating "jacks & cubes".  Our drop-in robotic hammers;

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) / Combat UAVs and NextGen Aviation Technologies

  • Space: orbital & BEO systems research, design, testing, construction and operation.


Simulation & Controls Lab

  • Virtual Training simulators;  "Synthetic Training";

  • Tactical & Non-Tactical Holoware & Controls (Human-Avatar controls);

  • Logistics modeling, mobilization plans / modeling and outloading simulations.


Future Astronaut (Xero-G) / Future Warrior Lab

  • Psychology for long duration & extreme environment missions;

  • SERE;

  • Military Tactics Training;

  • Spacecraft and crew capsule operation & flight training;

  • Special mission surface & non-surface equipment usage training;

  • Unmanned Systems training and operation (UGS, UAV, USV and other).

Advanced ISR Lab (Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial)

  • Drop-in | Seeded Telemetry & Navigation Systems;

  • Next generation 360 stitched view, AI embedded optics systems;

  • IA embedded extra long range (ELR) facial recognition & tracking systems... We're now out six miles.  Smile.

The Playground... 

WARCOM Archer1 Greyscale.png
Archer Panther Dropship Variant 007.jpg

Part 6x6 hot rod, part Urban Tactical insertion...  and all about taking care of business.

Advanced Platforms Lab


Archer DCS 301.png

Navy SEAL Dry Combat Submersible (DSC) | Extreme Heavy & Robotic Solutions for Complex Mobility Requirements

We make the Transformers Movie look like kindergarten > Highway to C-17 Aircraft.

Advanced Platforms Lab



Heavy Lift Manned & Unmanned Systems  | Concept to Flight

Atremis Logo 001.jpg
Launcher 001.jpg
Archer Earth Gateway 008.jpg

Advanced Platforms Lab


Archer HLS II 015.jpg

Capsules are for kids...   Runway to Surface and back to Runway (RSR) | Heavy Lift Manned & Unmanned Systems

Orbital Gateways and Stations | Transit & Cargo | Zero & Near Zero Gravity Engineering & Heavy Construction  

Archer Ghost Soldier1.jpg
Archer HLS II 017.jpg
IMG_8980 Moon 004.jpg
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